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“It’s a fiercely competitive environment for marketing consultants and although consultancy is only one of many services that DM360 offers, we’re taking to heart many of the lessons we learned in our years as employees of arguably one of the best direct marketers around...”

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  • Stacy and the entire DM360 team are fantastic to work with.  As a broker looking to find ways to help my clients find new opportunities, DM360 has been amazing to partner with.  They understand the complexities and opportunities of the global landscape which lets me and my team focus on list research opportunities.  It’s a win-win relationship at every level. 
    » Dave Klein, President & CEO Macromark Inc.

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  • I just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to attend your training seminar. Although I’m not directly involved in mail planning, I feel like what I learned has given me a better understanding of the direct response industry as a whole. The information you presented was clear, concise, interactive and fun! What a great experience. Thanks again!"
    » Christopher Bulka, Taipan Financial News

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  • I attended DM360’s marketing training to see if there was anything I could be doing better, and I was surprised to see how much I walked away with. I think the class hit on all levels from beginner to advanced, and gave a big picture overview on how marketing can affect an entire business. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to know more about direct marketing, as there is always something new to learn."
    » Colleen Monahan, Mt. Vernon Publishing

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  • DM360 completed a competitive analysis of the Men's health market for our upcoming potency product launch. The information they presented was informative, spanned all areas we needed to review and was easily digestible. DM360 has their own market knowledge and equally important they know which of their many resources to tap into to gain a competitive edge.
    » John Rao, COO Jenasol Vitamins

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Supplement Marketing

No question about it – the nutritional supplement market is one of the fastest-growing – and most lucrative – industries on the planet today.

According to the Nutrition Business Journal, annual sales for the nutrition industry totaled $110 billion in 2009 – an increase of nearly 10% from 2008.

Of course…just because the industry is growing rapidly – that doesn’t mean success comes easy.

Supplement marketing comes with a host of regulations, limitations and concerns that make each decision vitally important.  That’s why you should leave nothing to chance – and partner with the experienced team of supplement marketing experts at DM360 Inc. for your next supplement marketing campaign.

DM360's Supplement Marketing Success
  • DM360 has helped nutritional supplement companies launch more than 130 successful direct marketing campaigns – totaling 10 million pieces mailed – in the last 3 years alone. 
  • Helped launch successful campaigns for a wide variety of products, including joint pain, men’s health, heart health, anti-aging, weight loss and more.
  • Clients include Goldshield North America, Bronson Laboratories, The Uniscience Group, Indiana Botanic Gardens and more.
  • Committed to helping clients maximize their investment on new acquisition marketing by providing ideas, creative and campaign management for loyalty and retention programs.

DM360’s Supplement Marketing Services Offered

  • Comprehensive direct mail campaign planning
  • Full creative services – including creative development and graphic design
  • Exhaustive analysis of the marketplace and your competitors’ messages
  • List selection consultation and management
  • Full-service coordination of direct mail campaigns…we’ll handle everything from start to finish!
  • Comprehensive analysis of results
  • Design, build and coordinate successful loyalty and retention programs

Seven Keys to a Successful Supplement Marketing Campaign

  1. Your copy must make your product stand out from the competition.

  2. Understanding your target market – and their buying habits – is critical to your campaign’s success.

  3. The research behind your product must be convincing…and it must be clear.

  4. Keeping an eye on your competition isn’t just a good idea…knowing what’s working for your competitors is essential!

  5. Monitoring the ever-changing regulatory landscape is a must.

  6. Your customer service and fulfillment must be impeccable.

  7. The relationship you build with a customer – and your ability to earn repeat business – will be the most important factor in your long-term success.

Supplement Marketing Samples:


When our company decided we were ready to launch a large-scale, international Direct Mail marketing plan, we engaged the services of DM360 to work as our partner. Although we had a limited amount of previous experience with some low volume mailings in the U.S., we had no knowledge of how best to branch out into other countries.
Shortly after establishing our relationship with DM360, they guided us through our first campaign launch into the Canadian market with great success. We now enjoy a strong response rate and increasing sales in Canada.
DM360 has added significant value to our overall direct mail program and we have come to strongly value their contribution to our business. The entire staff is truly dedicated to our success and always strives to exceed our goals and expectations. We look forward to a long, prosperous relationship with the entire team."

–Julie Moscariello, Marketing Communications Manager, Goldshield North America

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